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Recent AGU (Fall 2022) Talk by Alexander Berne

This work is supported under the NASA FINESST-2021 Grant


Award no.: 80NSSC22K1318​

Berne, Alexander, et al. "Characterizing the Interior of Enceladus from Tidally-Driven Elastic Strains." (in prep)

Berne, Alexander, et al. "Inferring the Mean Effective Elastic Thickness of the Outer Ice Shell of Enceladus from Diurnal Crustal Deformation." Authorea Preprints (2022) (submitted, under review)

Berne, Alexander, et al. "An Inverse Approach to UAV-based Multi-Scale Gas Flux Monitoring at Volcanic Systems." (in prep)

Berne, Alexander, et al. "Monitoring electron energies during FLASH irradiations." Physics in Medicine & Biology 66.4 (2021): 045015.

Berne, Alexander, et al. "Mechanical vibration patterns elicit behavioral transitions and habituation in crawling Drosophila larvae." bioRxiv (2021). (submitted, under review)

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